Jan 2020, 04:07

“Dating” is a phenomenon of modern western culture. In biblical lands and times, normally (but not always) the parents of a young man and the parents of a young woman would negotiate an arrangement for their children, sometimes many years in advance, for their marriage. If the young lady and young man were allowed to spend time together before their wedding day, it was most always in the presence of one or both of the families, or an adult chaperone was present.

It was assumed that love would proceed from the covenant arrangement of the two families: that as the bride and groom took their vows before the Lord and their responsibilities to each other seriously, love would blossom in their relationship.

Dating, as we understand it, evolved from the courtship rituals of the European middle ages, and since then in western society (Europe and North & South America) it has loosened the standards for how young men and young women get to know one another and prepare for marriage.

Our goal is not to allow society to tell us how to behave in dating, but to have God tell us what to do and how, so that in this area, as in all areas of life, we may please Him.

Discussion Questions:

1. Is dating the only acceptable way for guys and girls to get to know each other?

2. What would you think about your parents getting involved in selecting your marriage partner?

3. Should you date just because your friends are dating?

4. Our ultimate goal in dating – and in life in general – should be what?


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