Predicting Marital Success #2

Mar 2020, 04:15
SPECIFIC QUESTIONS PERTAINING TO MARITAL RELATIONSHIP 1. (Girl) What are my skills as a homemaker? Will I be business-like in household finance? 2. (Boy) Do I have an appreciation of a wife's effort to prepare well-balanced meals and make the home attractive and cheerful? 3. (Boy) Am I capable of holding a job and providing for a home and family? Will I be willing to do my share of the work of creating a home and rearing children? 4. (Both) Will I love home life and give it the thought and care it deserves? 5. (Both) Do I have an attitude toward sex that is favorable to the finest relationship? 6. (Both) Do I love children and want them? How many? 7. (Boy) Will I be more interested in cultural and spiritual pursuits than in making money? 8. (Girl) Will I be interested in and sympathetic with his vocation and business affairs? 9. (Girl) Will I work or have a career? If so, have we planned our future in light of this fact? 10. (Both) Have we adjusted our religious differences satisfactorily? 11. (Both) Have we found a church that we both can become a part of its life and work? 12. (Both) What are the educational differences between us and what adjustments will they require? 13. (Both) Have we talked about the budget and agreed on how money will be handled? 14. (Both) Have I dealt with anything in my past that might rise up later and cause a misunderstanding or difficulty in my married life? 15. (Both) Do we intend to continue the ways of courtship after marriage? 16. (Both) Will I treat the other's relatives as my own? What if one becomes dependant? 17. (Both) Will I take the attitude that the other's friends are mine also? 18. (Both) Will I be willing to let the other go out with friends even when it means I will be alone? 19. (Both) What recreational pursuits will we enjoy together? 20. (Both) Have we found a way to get along even when we disagree and through our disagreements to learn to understand each other better? 21. (Both) Will I continue to work on personality adjustment after marriage? 22. (Both) What sort of religious practices will we follow in our home? (Prayer, Bible or Devotional reading, Religious education)? 23. (Both) Will I say "I love you" to the other often and show I mean it by my actions? 24. (Both) Will we continue to study the subject of married life throughout the years to come? In what way? 25. (Boy) How much insurance do I carry? What is my plan for future insurance? 26. (Both) Do we have a plan for savings? 27. (Both) Will parents try to interfere or dominate our lives, or give us the amount of freedom and independence we need for our future happiness?

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