Predicting Marital Success #4

May 2020, 04:20


No man can live a satisfactory life without goals toward which he strives. But goals differ in value. A happy marriage can come when two people strive toward common goals and life satisfactions. When one finds his happiness in a way quite different from another, their paths will eventually lead them apart. When the goals and values are cherished in common and are of the highest type, lives will grow together. Satisfactions that come when two people move toward a common goal are gratifying experiences. Be perfectly frank in rating yourselves and face the results honestly.

(Circle the number that describes the relation of this condition to your personal happiness)

1 – Very important

2 – Important

3 – Doesn't matter

4 – Of little importance

5 – Not important

a) Financial success in your profession or business.

b) A position of leadership in which you have authority over others.

c) Being extremely popular.

d) Doing creative work in art, literature or music.

e) Rearing a family.

f) Working around the home.

g) Traveling and doing adventurous things.

h) Having strength and comfort from a deep religious faith.

i) Having the best furniture and expensive things.

j) A happy married life with children and pleasant home activities.

k) A vocation of a service nature in which you may help other people.[p/] [p]l) Performing an unusual experiment or inventing something important.

m) Becoming an authority on some subject.

n) Being active in politics.

o) Working closely with social problems.

p) Giving a large amount of your time to church work.

q) Making a happy home for your life partner.

r) Cultivating common friendships.


The person you want as your friend is one who is basically happy and positive in attitude. The same should be true in your selection of a marriage partner. Ralph Waldo Emerson put it well, "The best part of health is a fine disposition. Nothing will supply the want of sunshine to peaches. Whenever you are sincerely pleased you are nourished. The joy of spirit indicates its strength. All healthy things are sweet tempered." It is the quality of health that is in "sweet temper," positive outlook, ability to be objective, and a courageous faith that one should try to develop in himself and look for in the person he marries. The statements in this section will help you understand and appreciate each other in this respect, and through a greater knowledge of yourselves, should help you in the adventure of living together.

____ ____ 1) I believe that everything will work out all right in the end.

____ ____ 2) When I am in trouble I pray for strength and guidance.

____ ____ 3) I find the movies a real source of release when I am worried or tense.

____ ____ 4) When I have a problem I seek counsel from one who is capable.

____ ____ 5) I find great peace in listening to beautiful music.

____ ____ 6) When I get the blues I go out and work hard and try to forget it.

____ ____ 7) Everything that happens in life is God's will and we should be resigned to it.

____ ____ 8) I find that a good cry helps me frequently.

____ ____ 9) When trouble arises I am not easily disturbed.

____ ____ 10) When I disagree with a friend I won't argue.

____ ____ 11) I believe that the chief purpose of life is to find God's will for myself and for society.

____ ____ 12) Thoughts about heaven help me in this life.

____ ____ 13) There are days when I feel very happy and again there are days when I feel very blue.

____ ____ 14) When I get a tough break I believe it is best to grin and bear it.

____ ____ 15) I fail to understand why there should be sorrow and evil in the world.

____ ____ 16) Sometimes I become angry and feel like throwing things.

____ ____ 17) I believe in doing good even for those who don't like me.

____ ____ 18) I am generally happy no matter what happens.

____ ____ 19) Life isn't important and shouldn't be regarded too seriously.

____ ____ 20) I am very confused and don't know what to believe.

____ ____ 21) I feel that most people can be trusted and will try to do right.

____ ____ 22) The prospects for the future are very discouraging.

____ ____ 23) What you believe is important to living.

____ ____ 24) Being affectionate in married life is being sentimental.

____ ____ 25) My philosophy could be expressed in "Eat, Drink, and be Merry for tomorrow you may die."

____ ____ 26) It is very difficult to find a real friend.

____ ____ 27) It is wonderful to be living in such exciting times as these.

____ ____ 28) Few people really love their fellowmen.

____ ____ 29) Attending church gives me a lift.

____ ____ 30) In this world it is every man for himself.

____ ____ 31) I find myself worrying about my problems.

____ ____ 32) Sometimes I feel shy and inferior.

____ ____ 33) I can be optimistic even when those around me are depressed.

____ ____ 34) I avoid getting help or encouragement from others.

____ ____ 35) I experience keen pleasure by doing things for other people.

____ ____ 36) The Golden Rule is a good principle by which to live .


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