The Blessing of a Godly Home

Sep 2020, 04:23

We hope that one of your major reasons for dating, courting, getting engaged, and finally getting married is to establish a Godly Home! There is no greater challenge than this and none that will bless mankind more! We truly believe that homes made up of dedicated Christians has greater value to mankind than homes that do not have Christians in them. The Superiority of a "Godly Home" We are not suggesting that "non-Christian" homes do not have value for God would not have begun such if it did not have value to human-kind! The home is vital to society and its very existence. Both Russia and China tried to undermine the home in their societies by making divorce easy, encouraging sexual permissiveness, taking mothers out of the home and placing them in labor camps, and putting children in places as wards of the state. They found out very quickly that such actions endangered even the State. We have also noticed the attempts in our own society to undermine the home, such as: Women's Liberation Movement, ERA, Unisex, Gay Liberation Movement, Frequency and encouragement for easy divorce, sexual permissiveness, living together, Articles, TV programs, etc. We need to wake up to what these groups are doing? We believe that Christianity has the answer to so many of our deep troubles in this country. The following thoughts are a few of the reasons why we believe in "Godly" Homes!

1. God gave mankind marriage and the home (Gen. 2-3). His book is filled with rules, regulations, admonitions, and principles that, if followed, would make the home the very best it can be. The blessings of the Christian life come upon the home that is "Christian." The hope of the Christian becomes the hope of the home, as well.

2. The success and failure record! If more "Christian" homes succeed and are productive for good in society, it is obviously of greater value. If broken homes (divorce, separation, etc.) are found more numerous among "non-Christian" homes, it should be obvious which is of more value.

3. Christ's teachings help to produce more mature, unselfish people. Selfishness and immaturity is at the root of most problems in the home. Committed Christians are continually trying to improve their lives by making themselves more likeable and easier to live with. If we believe and follow the teachings of the Word of God, it will make us perfect (mature or complete) and prepared for all kinds of good works (2 Tim. 3:16-17). His teachings stressed self- control, unselfishness, and loving and serving others (Matt. 16:26; Phil. 2:3-4; Matt. 20:28). His teachings help to unite the home rather than divide it. It brings it into common beliefs and practices that are productive of good. (1 Cor. 1:10-13). He gives principles that help to make the lives of those in the home the very best they can be. Such will keep down financial problems (Matt. 6:33); help people to be honest, trustworthy, and dependable.

He commands that jealousy, envy, hatred, etc., must be put away because they destroy the home. These and possibly other reasons could be given as to why "Godly" homes are a great blessing.. The Blessing of Families Worshipping Together

Prov. 1:20-33

What does Wisdom have to say to get our attention? How long will man love simplicity, foolishness, rather than Wisdom? How long will men reject reproof and counsel of Wisdom? And because we choose not to listen, we will have calamities, fears, desolations, distresses, destruction to come upon us. When these things come it will be too late to avoid the consequences of not listening to wisdom. The wisdom we needed to meet the crisis is not there because we refused to listen. God's way of Wisdom is available to be read, meditated upon, and understood. Books have been written to help us grasp and make application. Preachers and teachers are set before us to admonish us from God's Wisdom! What do we do with these opportunities?

Christians have a great advantage over non-Christians—we can worship the God of heaven together, in harmony—both public and private! It is a beautiful sight to see families worshipping together. It has great benefits when done out of desire and sincerity (Jn. 4:24). Requirements of harmonious worship together:

1. There needs to be a proper understanding of what true worship is and its purpose.

1 Cor. 10:3... Matt. 15:7-9...

2. There needs to be a training process that brings about this harmony in worship. Questions that need to be faced up to:

1. How do children learn the value of democracy? 2. How do they learn the value of being a Christian? 3. How do they learn the practicality of Christianity—that it works? 4. How do they learn the value of knowing truth and following it? 5. How do they gain a standard of morals by which to guide their lives? 6. How do they gain a proper self-worth of themselves? 7. How can they see the value of hard times and tribulations we all face? 8. From whom will they learn the honor of work? 9. The respect for others and their property? 10. And most of all—the importance of a relationship with God? 11. Who is going to do the teaching? 12. Who is going to help this family stick together? 13. Who is going to teach your children that God comes first in their lives? 14. Who will lead this family into a perfectly harmonious, functioning family in worship and praise to God?

3. Can God say the same thing of fathers today that He said about Abraham?

Gen. 18:19...

The concept is that of leading because Christianity cannot successfully be crammed down anyone's throat, even our children's! What will it take for WISDOM to be listened to?

4. A diligent effort to help lead non-Christians in the family to become Christians. It is hard for a family to worship together in harmony if they are all going in separate directions.

1 Pet. 3:1-4...

5. By actively working towards a regular period of family worship at home. What is stressed, appreciated, and enjoyed at home, can help prepare for the same in public worship. Families worshipping together in harmony does not happen accidentally. It has to be worked at and even prepared for. And when this is done, it is a beautiful sight and a very desirable sight, and a needed sight. The Influence of Godly Families Matt. 5:16...

If only ten righteous people could have been found in Sodom and Gomorrha, God said He would have spared those cities—but they couldn't be found! (Gen. 18:31-33). We know that there was one righteous family, but not ten. One family may not affect the community greatly, but multiply that one by many and the effect begins to be felt! The small beginning of Christianity finally turned the world "upside down!"

Christian families offer stability to a community! In the first place, they usually stay together and are very dependable people (1 Cor. 7:-11; 1 Tim. 5:8). They do not become a liability to the community.

Christian families follow teachings that bring about a positive influence for good! These teachings deal with the husband-wife relationship (Eph. 5:22-33), but as well the parent-child relationship (Eph. 6:1-4). They are made better, and are encouraged to be kind and forgiving to others (Eph. 4:31-32). All good qualities for a person's life are encouraged to be developed. Christian families are valuable because they are law-abiding citizens! Rom. 13:1-7...

They lend their influence to others about them to be the same! A community becomes an undesirable place to live when there is not law and obedience to it. Christian parents influence their children and hopefully others to be good citizens. Christian families are valuable because of their SPIRITUAL impact upon a community. They are constantly striving to point lost souls to Jesus, the Savior and Redeemer (Rom. 1:16). We do count and we can make a difference for good. We may never fully know just how much good we have done by our influence towards spirituality. Concluding Thoughts: Jesus said that His disciples were not of the world, but they were in the world to have an impact for good upon the world (Jn. 17:14-18). We have seen enough of the things that destroy not only our homes, but our nation. It is time that we get back to those God- given principles of commitment, sacrifice, purity, love, and responsibility—things that not only build Christian Homes, but our nation as well.


____1. "Christian" homes have less divorce, but often have less happiness.

____2. A purpose of Christ's teachings is to help selfish people to become unselfish.

____3. People can worship God even if they are not Christians.

____4. Children can be made to go to Bible Classes and Worship, but Christianity cannot be forced upon them.

____5. The influence of Christian families is limited by their willingness to live godly lives.

____6. Sodom and Gomorrha could have been saved from God's destruction if there had been enough righteous people in the cities.

____7. God has a right to expect us to use our homes for His glory.

____8. Our homes need to be used for benevolent purposes whenever we have opportunity.

____9. Love must be expressed in the home if relationships are to become close.

____10. Discipline in both the home and the church requires punishment for wrongs.


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