What Should I Do on a Date ?

Dec 2020, 04:30

A. You should begin each date with prayer and reading a few Bible verses. This sets a high spiritual tone for your time together. If either you or your dating partner become uncomfortable with this, it may be an indication that your focus has slipped from godly spiritual goals. This could be a warning sign that your relationship is deteriorating in some way.

B. Double-dating or dating with your parents around is not a bad idea. Many young people can’t stand the thought of their parents being present – but why not? Especially if your parents are godly, wise Christians, having them around is a great idea, especially for the first couple of times of meeting and getting to know the other person.

C. Don’t go to places where there is a high level of temptation or pressure. If you know there is going to be alcohol around, or other couples making out, why go there? Don’t go someplace or engage in an activity that will compromise your standards, damage your testimony or put your and your date in a questionable light.

D. Young men, you should treat your date as though she were the most important lady in the world, becuase at that time, she is. You are practicing how to treat your future wife: show courtesy, compassion, and treat her with great respect. Young ladies, you should treat your date with honor and poise, even if he doesn’t get every social detail just right. After all, you are practicing on the right way to treat your future husband. (This is the second goal we mentioned above in section I.)

E. Be yourself. Most young people are nervous on dates. But if you are a Christian, and your date is a Christian, and you both want to find out God’s will – then you can actually have a lot of fun together while you are seeking God’s plan.

Discussion Questions:

1. What are some really great ideas for fun activities that Christians can do without hesitation on a date?

2. If the opportunity arose for you to go to a party where you knew alcohol was going to be available, would you go?

3. How do you want to be treated by your partner on a date? How do you plan to treat your date?


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